Azure Pay-As-You-Go


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Provision this product to access any of the 60+ available on the Microsoft Azure platform while enjoying our customer service. Contact us for pricing and details.


  1. COMPUTE: Linux Virtual Machines, Windows Virtual Machines, Appservice, Functions, Batch.
  2. STORAGE: Managed Disks, Blob Storage, File Storage.
  3. DATABASES: SQL Database, Azure Cosmos DB, Data Factory.
  4. NETWORKING: Bandwidth (Data Transfer), Load Balancer, Virtual , Network, Inter-VNET data transfer.
  5. CONTAINERS: Container Service, Service Fabric, Search, Notification Hubs.
  6. IDENTITY: Active Directory, Active Directory B2C
  7. DEVELOPER TOOLS: Visual Studio Team Services, DevTest Labs.
  8. ANALYTICS: Machine Learning Studio, Data Catalog.
  9. SECURITY: Security Center.
  10. MANAGEMENT AND GOVERNANCE: Advisor, Automation, Scheduler.
  11. INTERNET OF THINGS: Microsoft IoT Hub.
  12. AI + MACHINE LEARNING: Face API, Translator Text API, Machine Learning


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